Speaking Topics

I’m lucky enough that people reach out to me to appear on podcasts, or in panels. I put together this page to share about the topics I deeply think about. I’ll also link some articles or posts that I’ve written that are worth wider discussion in the community.

This is not an exhaustive list. See Featured In for more.

Cloud Careers - Since 2017 (see the mission) I’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands of people to start or grow a career in the cloud industry through Open Up The Cloud. Over those years, I’ve gained a unique perspective on the challenges for people starting and growing their careers in cloud, and what they should do to ensure success. For more, check out: my analysis of over 2,000 job roles in cloud, and this talk I gave on choosing cloud roles to the Doula AWS user group.

Cloud Developer Environments - In technology, we are seeing a shift for developer workloads to Cloud Developer Environments (CDEs). I have worked at gitpod.io as a Product Manager since early 2021, building out Gitpod as a category defining product. I spend time thinking about what makes CDEs easier and more intuitive to use, what the current ecosystem barriers to CDE adoption is, and insights from working with companies to help them make best use of CDEs.

Developer Experience - Many companies are now investing in platform and developer experience teams. I worked as a Principal Engineer building out an internal-facing developer experience team, and now work on developer experience products for those teams. Throughout those years I spent a lot of time on measuring developer experience and know well the challenges to setting up a developer experience team. For more, check out my thread about challenges for Developer Experiences with AWS and Serverless, and reflections on building a developer experience team in DAZN.

Product + Engineering - Product practices are hidden from software engineers. Product Management is a hidden career path for engineers, but also a skillset engineers can and should build. I love sharing about what product is from an engineers perspective. For more, check out: moving from software engineering to product.

This list is not exhaustive. There are—naturally—many other topics that I’m interested in, and would be happy to talk and discuss. Reach out on Twitter, or LinkedIn and let’s discuss.